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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Trincity Wired!

So, last night i saw this woman sitting in Trincity mall vigorously typing away at her laptop in the food court [near the cinemas]. At first i hesitated, but couldn't resist, i approached her, and asked if there was free wireless internet access available in this mall.

She promptly replied [in her "Scottish-like" accent]: "yes, there are a few networks you can get on to, but the one that I'm on is free".

I then had a flash back to the last two weeks when i saw some men on a ladder, mounting a wireless linksys router.

I don't know who is providing this access [maybe it is HCL] or if it is really free.

I guess Trinidad is becoming more "accessible", soon we'll be seeing "free wireless access for the borough of port of spain" or "free wireless access for the entire country of Trinidad"! I'd like to see that. It's not quite impossible:
House backs free Web for all
Rhode Island embarks on statewide wireless network

But then again, that's the states, this is Trinidad.

Then there's the security issue, not wireless/encryption security, but physical security - Trincity mall i known to be quite an unsafe mall - in terms of [vehicle] theft, etc. Unless i see an increased patrol of security guards at that mall [i see about one guard posted on the new wing and one on the old wing], I don't think you'll see me sitting down in the middle of the food court using a laptop - for fear of the loss of my data, my laptop or my life.

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