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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Coffee Pot with an IP Address

A while ago i attended an ICANN meeting; among the wide range of topics the presenter spoke of, from Web 2.0 to Second Life to Digital Native [all of which caught my attention], the one that applied most to this blog was the IP enabled light bulbs.

After digging a bit, I found an article entitled "Embedded TCP/IP: a smorgasbord of options"

It is true: most new appliances today are coming with the capability of connecting to the internet [via the TCP/IP protocol] from refrigerators to coffee pots to light bulb sockets, thus bringing ubiquitous computing closer to reality [or at least practicality].

Ah, when will the day come when I get one of those smart fridges that reorder beers when the stock is low...

In trinidad?...that may be a while. I'll wait.

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