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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Satellite Speed Internet [sounds yummy]

"The town of Rindge, N.H., is just 70 miles from Boston, but to telephone and cable companies it might as well be at the end of the earth. Many of the towns 5,500 residents cannot get broadband Internet access from the providers in the area, Verizon and Pine Tree Cable, even though communities nearby have had the service for years." - [With a Dish, Broadband Goes Rural by Ken Belson]

I don’t want to say that I live in the bush, but, I live in the bush. I guess I should stop bickering, now that I see: this country is not the only one that suffers the woes of technology inaccessibility and broadband starvation [yes, this has become the 8th Plague of Revelation]. But at least other countries with the same plight are trying, with solutions like broadband satellite and broadband over power line, to get connected.

I see, in some way, we are getting there, with companies like LISA, Greendot, and TSTT [EVDO], who are starting to offer wireless broadband solutions. But these solutions, as helpful as they may be, are still limited in this country due to the landscape [mountains hinder communication - physically, not metaphorically].

We’re expanding, but not fast enough. Broadband companies have to up their game, or they may be left behind by those major satellite companies, like Wild Blue.


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