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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too many Tools; Too many Fools

It's true - everyone nowadays wants to establish a web-presence... to gain cyber-celebrity status. I too have jumped on [or at least barely managed to hang on to] this speeding bandwagon. After all it's human nature to want to be noticed.

Currently, it doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist [or more appropriately a code guru] to set up your web presence. there are a multitude of tools that aid you, don't even require you to setup a hosting account, and are completely free.

So I've decided to follow the tech hype and setup a NING! It's the only online service where you can create, customize, and share your own Social Network for free in seconds. This, they say, is a star example of modern web 2.0 application development. It allows for a lot of flexibility, with it's vivid templates, support for the addition of gadgets and other small quirks.

With the amount of tools popping up everyday, I'm running out of ideas for websites. Most of them don't even require that you know an ounce of HTML or other coding/markup languages, simply click next...next...next.

Although convenient, it tends to grow and nurture a nation of fools and incompetent... well for lack of a better phrase: PEBKACs. I Google, therefore I am.

Here are some of those that I've gotten started so far, each using a different tool [for variety]:

There's more to come, let just hope cyberspace is capable, or we'll have to start building server rooms on the moon.



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