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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release

Change is coming:

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Drosera-Crystal Project


I have had this website for quite a while now, however I only recently [Today], made it a bit prettier, more organised & more useful.

Feel free to browse through the pages and discover many fun & interesting details about me.

There are many download-able documents & attachments which support my story.

Hire me! :)

Discover Jevin K. Ramjattan

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Ultimate Job: Runaway Bride & Groom

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To celebrate the launch of Ireland’s most exciting destination wedding and honeymoon website, The Irish Times have teamed up with Runaway Bride and Groom to find the right candidate to do 6 months of research… researching the most romantic and ultimate wedding and honeymoon venues around the world - with their partner.

They are looking for the right person (Me and Maïté) to research and test out the most romantic and ultimate wedding and honeymoon destinations all over the world and then report back with our verdict to our boss, 4,000 miles away.

Maïté and I think we're the ones for this job [considering we're now seeking employment]!! This is our application video:

Please RATE our video the highest possible to increase our visibility & VOTE for us so that we can win!!! Thank you.

Travel & Events


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Superfast Internet [10,000 times faster]: The bandwidth saga continues

"THE internet could soon be made obsolete. The scientists who pioneered it have now built a lightning-fast replacement capable of downloading entire feature films within seconds. At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection..." [source]

What would you use it for?

Of course there are uses for high bandwidth [such as improved video-conferencing capabilities], but Entertainment remains the primary usage of internet currently. And of course, bandwidth is like money, no matter how much you give people, they will always want more.

However, the reason internet has not progressed to faster speeds at a faster rate is because there are ideas for usage of it, but no realization of these ideas due to the strict restrictions on
online-content-sharing and -delivery. Consumers want things free, but there are restrictions on what content can be delivered for free, and how it can be delivered. By content, I refer to movies, music, and other entertainment forms that are enabled by increased-bandwidth. And when it comes to these media, there always exists the battle of license, copyright, piracy.

Unless the music and film industries come together amongst themselves and set standards and procedures to enable and drive such IT innovations [as increased bandwidth, and media delivery services], these inventions will never be of use. The construct needs to be reformed, and instead of increased-bandwidth enabling increased-content-provision, content providers need to enable increased-bandwidth. IT customers [including music and movie industry leaders] need to push and drive IT, by providing the appropriate standardization enablers.

[Concepts derived from Mochella, David (2003). Customer-Driven IT: How users are shaping technology industry growth, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Massachusetts, USA].


Friday, March 21, 2008

Definition of a System

Consider what Edison wrote about his invention of a system of electric lighting, i love this phrasing and it is a perfect definition. It shows how inventors of those days spoke with words and not only formulas and numbers, it shows the literary artist inside every technical thinker:

"It was not only necessary that the lamps should give light and the dynamos generate current, but the lamps must be adapted to the current of the dynamos, and the dynamos must be constructed to give the character of current required by the lamps, and likewise all parts of the system must be constructed with reference to all other parts, since, in one sense, all the parts form one machine, and the connections between the parts being electrical instead of mechanical. Like any other machine the failure of one part to cooperate properly with the other part disorganizes the whole and renders it inoperative for the purpose intended." [source: Thomas Edison].


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Evolution [Stagnation] of Operating Systems

The Windows Vista debate is at large and over discussed and probably expired, but i will still attempt to add my two cents.

Send to menu:
By using the Send To command, you can quickly send a file to different locations including a floppy disk, your desktop, another person using e-mail, or the My Documents folder. The SendTo folder contains the shortcuts for the destinations that are displayed on the Send To menu. Every user on the computer has a SendTo folder and can customize its contents.

I understand if you want to customize your "send to menu", simply go to the "sendTo folder". Now windows vista has a feature in the start menu that adds shortcuts to frequently used programs to the main start menu. Why is it then, that shortcuts to frequently used folders cannot be automatically added to the sendTo folder and thus the send to menu?

They claim to be advancing so much, but most of this advancement is focused on the core system, and not on increasing or innovating the Interface to be more futuristic and provide more utility or functionality. This is the true purpose of information technology and the innovation and technology industry. There are so many simple additions that can be created, yet they choose not to implement them because we are conformed and dependent on the software and accept whatever it is they give us.

I will not go into a detailed discussion or argument of linux versus windows, but this is the reason open source is so much more "open" to innovation and promotes development - since if i wanted this to be done in linux, i could simply create and code it and submit it for approval.

Our rate of advancement is not fast enough, the human race today should be in a far richer technology status than it is currently.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're all super-stupid-users [PEBHAC]

Man [and woman] is a self-conscious but self-centered and narcissistic race. We do things without thought of other people, with only our own perspectives in mind, we think within the box, we see only what we want to see, we use whatever knowledge we have to demean other people and gain power over them.

OK: this may not be true for all of mankind [women included], but we must all admit that each and every one of us has experienced some feeling like this before. It doesn’t have to be portrayed as arrogance, aggression or any definite mal-emotion, but may be apparent subtly as a thought or a simple change in the tone of voice, but it’s there nonetheless.

We often hear about IT people [system administrators and helpdesk personnel] hammering their heads on the wall at a customer who put a coffee cup on the CD tray thinking it was a cup-holder, or the other customer who can’t turn on their PC, only to find out that there is no electricity in the area. IT “professionals” tend to lash out at customers subtly with secret jokes such as ID-10-T errors, or PEBKAC; and aggressively sometimes by yelling at customers, degrading them, etc. [in the professional world this is probably done more subtly than aggressively, but the thought is there nonetheless: that the customer is stupid.]

The fact that an IT person knows more about an IT topic more than a user does, may make that person a stupid user, but it doesn’t make that user a stupid person.

If for instance an IT person is put to learn a language, not programming but linguistic; say French for example. Linguistics is not logical but maybe more creative and has rules that make no sense to IT people, and cannot be learnt by the manner of thinking associated with programming. That IT person, who was a super user in his/her realm, is now a stupid user in another [the French teacher now becomes the super user - empowered].

This all came about as I started to learn French. Now, I don’t lash out at customers, but if my sister asks an IT question that just makes me want to yell “stupid!”, I’d just really think, “why is it that some people can’t see the logic and the greatness of design of the application and just figure it out on their own like I do”.

This is what blinds IT people and designers. They forget the H part of HCID [Human-Computer Interaction/Interface Design]. Problem doesn’t exist between keyboard and chair [PEBKAC], it exists between human and computer [PEBHAC: I just made that up! Remember I coined the term!]. What lies between the human and computer, for those who don’t know, is the interface. We design based on what we think is usable to us, but we need to design for people [humans] who don’t think like us and who are actually going to use the interface/product – that’s what determines good design – weather an average [or below average] person/user can use it immediately without reading the instructions.

Anyway, I strayed from my point, steering back: My sister [Sanya T. Ramjattan] ranked first [1st] in the Caribbean in French – so you can say she’s a “French super user”, she started to teach me French, but then started to ‘cuss’ me for my utter stupidity for the language. I must admit I made some mistakes [mostly with pronunciation – which is what got me: I see something and I read it a certain way in English, but its pronounced completely differently in French – how illogical!!!], but I was doing pretty alright. My point is: she had a similar reaction to a stupid user in her field as an IT person would have in their field. The same goes for when I was teaching her to drive, I raised my voice a little at her when she made a mistake rather than explain what she should do [our roles switched here - she now became powerless, and I, the super user]. It's all human nature.

The world is filled with talented people; we wouldn’t have been the dominant race if there weren’t talent. [Off-topic: I know there are some serious ID10Ts out there, but they appear stupid mostly because they don’t apply themselves or they aren’t applying themselves in the right fields.] Everyone has their own niche. We just need to realize that everyone [including ourselves] is a super-stupid user [that is: a super user in some fields, but a stupid user in some others].

When next you think about reprimanding a customer for not understanding something in your line of work, think outside the box, put yourself in their shoes, view various angles and perspectives, and offer helpful explanations and advice, train them, most of all remain HUMBLE. And if all else fails, bang your head on the wall and yell PEBKAC.

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