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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Technology in Trinidad [again]

So, today was supposedly my Comptia A+ Certification Operating Systems Technology Exam at SBCS. When i arrived, though, i received a call stating that the online system [that i was supposed to use to sit my exam] was down.

Now, I don't know if the problem lay on SBCS's side or Comptia's, I am not insinuating that SBCS's is at fault, nor am i complaining about their quality of service [the staff at the testing center were actually quite pleasant, helpful and apologetic with regards to the situation].

I'm just awing at the irony of the situation: "I'm going to 'write' an exam on how to fix computers, and the system that I'm going to write the exam on is down."

For all i know it could have been a pebkac error! I was very much tempted to jump in, troubleshoot, fix the damn thing for myself, and do my exam...but i thought it wont be my place...and i may be escorted off the campus.


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