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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

[Muzik] Pirates of the Caribbean

I love Avril Lavigne, so I rushed on down to the CD store yesterday to buy her newly released album. It's been so long that I've bought an original CD [with LimeWire around an all] that I forgot how expensive they've become. But I decided to dish out the whopping TT$140.00 just because it's Avril.

I don't know why music is so expensive in Trinidad!!! Is it because of taxes? [I think it cost TT$121 and after tax it was TT$140]. I remember the last time I bought an original it cost TT$120 flat. but still...

When I checked on amazon, the same album cost US$11.99 + about US$3.00 shipping: that's about TT$95 if ordered online in the US and TT$75 if you buy it at a US store [while down here, we pay almost double the price!].

It's no wonder people steal and pirate music now-a-days. :S

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