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Monday, July 09, 2007

101 year old gets bandwidth; 21 year old suffers.

Take a read of this: 101-y-o 'techo' gets free lifetime high-speed Internet access. It’s enraging! It’s unfair! I need this more than him, why can’t I have it! Ok but seriously, I have nothing against senior citizens, but Trinidad needs to implement more of these social perks.

In the United States students and senior citizens are treated like gods! They have benefits everywhere: better loans, free internet, cheaper housing, cheaper magazine subscriptions, discounted tickets at movie theaters, airlines, museums, and a lot more.

In this country the only thing that students get is free entry to Zen on Wednesdays; I guess now we know where our priorities lie.

I suppose I’ll have to wait till I’m 102 in this country to get some bandwidth.

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