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Sunday, April 02, 2006

[Personal] Career Goals: for the evolution of humanity

A career in the area of artificial intelligence, pervasive/ubiquitous/mobile computing holds a major portion of my interest. I believe strongly in the integration of intelligent systems into the surroundings or the human body, so that we may function more efficiently as an advancing society.

Constant research in the field of technology and the advancement of technologies and software. [I believe one never stops learning; constant learning leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to skill, skill leads to productivity (of any business).]

Automation of every possible process/system that can be automated; automation is the key to efficient and productive business.

I prefer to work in the field of research, development [of software/databases/websites], integration & testing of systems, and administration of systems [of various platforms].

One major future goal [after further study], is to attempt to significantly enhance the existing learning capabilities of intelligent systems [programs and (possibly) machines] or develop more efficient concepts and processes for learning. [artificial intelligence].

-human upgrade-


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