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Human Upgrade: merge metal with flesh

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Humanity vs. Technology

Hm, Humanity vs. Technology: looks like some people don't think they'd merge, but rather they'd be in conflict. Check out the Article

I've always seen in wired magazine, they have something called "wired, tired, and expired" whereby they'd list three generations of something [a process, activity, device, etc] as wired being the latest thing out, tired being the thing that we use today or yesterday, and expired as the thing that's obsolete. I just thought up my own little wired-tired-expired thingy and figured I'd put this into the blogosphere:


I mean seriously, software hacking is almost gone; the new thing is hardware hacking and even newer [but still subject to scepticism, due to ethical issues] is body hacking, whereby one hacks/modifies his/her own body to include technological features/productivity tools.

Here are some links on some geek-body-hackers who implanted an RFID chip into their hands in order to automate certain [access] tasks:

Link1: How to implant an RFID tag into your own hand
Link 2: Guy implants RFID chip into hand

-human upgrade-


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