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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Evolution [Stagnation] of Operating Systems

The Windows Vista debate is at large and over discussed and probably expired, but i will still attempt to add my two cents.

Send to menu:
By using the Send To command, you can quickly send a file to different locations including a floppy disk, your desktop, another person using e-mail, or the My Documents folder. The SendTo folder contains the shortcuts for the destinations that are displayed on the Send To menu. Every user on the computer has a SendTo folder and can customize its contents.

I understand if you want to customize your "send to menu", simply go to the "sendTo folder". Now windows vista has a feature in the start menu that adds shortcuts to frequently used programs to the main start menu. Why is it then, that shortcuts to frequently used folders cannot be automatically added to the sendTo folder and thus the send to menu?

They claim to be advancing so much, but most of this advancement is focused on the core system, and not on increasing or innovating the Interface to be more futuristic and provide more utility or functionality. This is the true purpose of information technology and the innovation and technology industry. There are so many simple additions that can be created, yet they choose not to implement them because we are conformed and dependent on the software and accept whatever it is they give us.

I will not go into a detailed discussion or argument of linux versus windows, but this is the reason open source is so much more "open" to innovation and promotes development - since if i wanted this to be done in linux, i could simply create and code it and submit it for approval.

Our rate of advancement is not fast enough, the human race today should be in a far richer technology status than it is currently.